Luminous. Hand Drawn. Conscious.

Celine Gingras from Yoga of Life

Celine Gingras of Yoga de la Vie wearing the Gaia Mandala Leggings

Celine Gingras runs Yoga de la Vie/Yoga of Life, a yoga teacher training school in Quebec, Canada. Trained as an occupational therapist, with an academic background in psychology, Celine turned to yoga and never went back. During her OT days, her job was to fix people up, and help them adapt to disease and injury. It was a post harm practice. Yoga, Celine discovered, is the complete opposite. Yoga is preventative, and beyond being preventative, it teaches one to be in a state of absolute equilibrium. Indeed, Celine guides her students to discover the place of harmony between the outside world and the inner world, and disease cannot take form in the place of harmony­, she says. 
“For me, with my devotion to yoga, came the end of seeing doctors, chiropractor, physiotherapists, it was a way to completely take ownership of my life and my health, without ever depending on outside authority. I had found the guru within. And that is what I want to teach and transmit: that my students find their own inner authority, their own inner guide, and that they be their own guru. All my ills are gone now. I have no more migraines, not more back aches, not more asthma.”
Yoga of Life’s teacher training has integrated teachings from many schools, including Iyengar, Anusara, Yin and Vinyasa, and focuses on the transformational aspect of yoga as well as health on all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.
Celine a YTT200 to from July 6th2019 to October 14th2019, and a YTT100 from mid October to mid December.

Information: 514-979-0328