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Sri Yantra: The Fourth Gate

Chaturdashar: The Fourth Gate

In Yogic and Tantric traditions, this 14 triangles structure symbolizes the Chaturdashar, a highly desired state of Being by the seeker, which includes early meaningful experiences of non-duality.

The Chaturdashar is also the Provider of Prosperity.

Our lower human tendency is to interpret this as worldly riches, and the Fourth Gate can coincide with worldly riches, as it is now becoming easier to manifest one’s desires from this frequency. However, in this state of consciousness, worldly riches are the reflections of the ability to receive Love fully, to bear Witness fully.

Love takes many misguided forms in humans. But in the Chaturdashar frequency, Love, however misguided (have you ever been loved by an overbearing or neglectful parent? A passive lover?) is always received as an expression of the Supreme, and never judged for its imperfect expression. In fact, any imperfect expression of Love does not even enter consciousness, and simply dissolves.

The Fourth Gate is akin to the Holy Grail; it is a state of receiving fully, of becoming the container. When one is able to receive completely, Abundance is a natural expression of one’s state; and this ability to receive fully fertilizes everything on its path.

The Fourth Gate is a very Magdalenian frequency, and reminds me of the way Mary Magdalene was able to Witness Christ, and receive him fully.

Meditating on this gate opens one to receiving.

But it’s not all puppies and rainbows.

And many seekers get stuck here.

For the seeker, this level brings up lower level weaknesses and false desires to be burned off, sometimes without warning. The Fourth Gate’s fire goes through all core wounds, and like the Phoenix, creates renewal and leaves only dusty ashes.

Do you want approval? It’s going to be burned off. You want to be accepted? It’s going to be burned off. You want to be admired? Burn. You want to be in control? Burn. You want to be a good girl? Burn. You want to be hot man on campus? Burn.  

Moving on can only occur when a certain integration of the fire process has been realized. For the lucky ones, a complete Mastery of this level may create the ability to shapeshift into Phoenix.

But what gets seekers stuck here is the fact that the fourth gate, like all steps on the path, has its own specific ego traps; one of which happens to be very attractive to the Western mind. 

With this frequency comes the gift of magnetism, of enticement; and thus, the ability to attract a crowd, to gain power, and to profit from these distortions.

This level is the locus of all sorts of invisible abuses; but luckily also of lessons in integrity.

To advance further In, not only does one have to become more comfortable with the fire process, one has to learn to use one's magnetic qualities, whatever form they take on in one's current incarnation, with the utmost integrity: not as a means to attract followers but to be an instrument of Awakening and the Divine. 

That is the Greatest Gift of All for a Human: to become a conscious instrument of the Divine.

And it is the Gift of this Gate.