Luminous. Hand Drawn. Conscious.

All Leggings & Capris

Mandala Leggings and Capri Leggings. Exclusive & Unique Patterns.

All Items are Limited Edition, Artist Designed & Handcrafted.


Most Beautiful Leggings. Vibrant Colours. Won't Ever Fade. Free Shipping Worldwide on orders over 100CAN-85USD-75EURO. 

Compression Fit. EcoPoly Fabric. Vibrant. Ultra Solid Wide Waistband Models Available.

Ecological & Locally Milled fabrics.

Sweatshop Free. Ethically Made in Canada.

Blue and Silver Grey Mandala Leggings - The Seed of Life Mandala
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Earth Tones Mandala Leggings - New Gaïa Mandala
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Blue with Orange Details Mandala Leggings - The Honey Bee's Merkabah Mandala
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Blue and Gold Mandala Leggings - Sri Yantra Mandala
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