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About HTOL


High Temple of Light is an artist run apparel brand that produces limited edition designs.

Everything is small batch. All items are produced in limited numbers, usually 200 for leggings, 400 for t-shirts, 100 for art prints, and 50 for canvas prints. After the specified amount has been sold, an item is no longer available for purchase.

The chance that you run into someone with a similar item is pretty low.

All designs are hand drawn, usually over 4 weeks, and optimized in photo editing software before it makes it onto an item of clothe.

Most of our products are printed and sown in-house in Montreal, Quebec, Canada in an ethical sweatshop-free environment. HTOL works with the made to order production model. This means that when you order an item, your chosen mandala is printed onto fabrics, then cut and sown for you, minimizing waste from the fashion industry. It might take a little bit more time but it's definitely worth the wait.

We also work with a small craftsmen shop in London, UK for our carryalls, but they are currently unavailable.

Our t-shirts are sewn in Mexico in one of the most ethical shops in the country, and printed in-house in Montreal, Canada.

HToL's eco-poly knit fabric is ethically milled and manufactured in Montreal as well!

Don't hesitate to contact me at hightempleoflightATgmailDOTcom if you have any questions. 

You can also contact me through chat. Just look for the chat icon at the bottom right of the page 👇👉